Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke reconding from Hands-on Visual Sound drama “Hikari”

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「ZEPHYR」is an animation presented by Rejet x サテライト (Satellite), and will be casted by Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi & Kaji Yuki. The anime is going to be broadcasted during the event, Rejet Fes.2014, that going to be held in Pacifico Yokohama.




Rejet×サテライトが送る、Rejet Fes.2014限定のハイクォリティアニメーション「ZEPHYR」


Vocal ネッド:鈴木達央
BASS カル:神谷浩史
GUITAR ウラン:小野大輔
DRUMS メイサ:梶 裕貴

(C)2014 Rejet / サテライト

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≧▽≦ Just love the way how Daisuke Ono noticed the waiter is Tsubasa Yonaga (Seiyuu of Nagisa Hazuki of Free!) while Kamiya Hiroshi is more concentrated on his plate.


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Friendly reminder that Hiroshi Kamiya (Levi’s seiyuu) and Daisuke Ono (Erwin Smith’s seiyuu) do a radio show together called “Dear Girl Stories” and they both are pretty in fond of each other:


DGS 4 (9:10)

Ono: After the first recording was over, it was late so we…


Actually dying here image These two are too cute! 

Translation starts around 1:40. In the beginning HiroC is basically telling OnoD about google translate and how it works so they decide to try out their English pronunciation *Note: translation not by me*

  • Ono: Okay here we go…from English to Japanese…
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: I play tennis!
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: The “I play tennis,” that I just said. Apparently it translates to, “Want to hang out.”
  • Kamiya: Eh? Wait, hold on. How does that happen?
  • Ono: ”Want to hang out,” So this is what my English sounds like! So to English speakers, if I say, “I am in the New Prince of Tennis. I play tennis!” people will think that I want to hang out.
  • Kamiya: Wait, okay. I am going to try.
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: I play tennis!
  • Kamiya: See that was perfect, that was perfect!
  • Ono: Yeah you said it right!
  • Kamiya: Right?
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Hoi.
  • Kamiya: Here it is…”I am Brittaninyu.”
  • Both: HAHAHAHA
  • Kamiya: I don’t understand at all.
  • Ono: I don’t blame you. “I play tennis?”
  • Kamiya: ”I play tennis.” Maybe we should pronounce it bit more natural.
  • Ono: Ah.
  • Kamiya: Since it doesn’t seem to understand Japanese pronunciation of English. So, that one way of pronunciation English.
  • Ono: That one way, got it.
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Aiflayfennis
  • *beep beep*
  • Kamiya: (sarcastically) I think that was good. Probably!
  • Ono: This is amazing! Something lyrics-worthy came out!
  • Kamiya: Eh?
  • Ono: ”Our map that we share.”
  • Kamiya: What? Okay, wait let me see?
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: I play tennis! Okay that was perfect! It was like those machines that speaks English for you to learn the language when you’re in a class!
  • *beep beep*
  • Kamiya: ”I put.”
  • Ono: Ahahaha!
  • Kamiya: Whaaat?
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Wai plai tennes
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: This is it!
  • Kamiya: I think we went there. It should translate it!
  • Ono: ”What kind of size?”
  • Kamiya: I want to try out more phrases but we can’t even have it recognize our “I play tennis!” What is this?
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: I play tennis!
  • Ono: That was perfect.
  • *beep beep*
  • Kamiya: ”Dentist”
  • Ono: Ahahahaha!
  • Kamiya: I said a sentence! Why does it translate into a word!?
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Aiplaytannis
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: This time it says, “It is amazing what”
  • Both: AHAHAHA
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: I play….TENNIS
  • *beep beep*
  • Kamiya: ”I am a great.” What is going on!?
  • Ono: Why don’t we try something else?
  • Kamiya: You’re right. Since they say this in English classes: “Please repeat after me.”
  • Ono: Okay let’s try!
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: Please repeat after me.
  • *beep beep*
  • Kamiya: ”I repeat a little later.” No why does it not recognize anything!? Next! Let’s try our radio show’s title!
  • Ono: Okay.
  • Kamiya: Dear Girl Stories!
  • Ono: Let’s try!
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Dear Girl Stories!
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: Um, sorry…um, it came out: “Stories.”
  • Both: AHAHAHA
  • Kamiya: Only Stories!? What hold on.
  • Ono: It’s impossible!
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: Dear Girl Stories
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: I think this will be okay.
  • Kamiya: I am going to play the audio for this one okay?
  • Ono: Okay.
  • Machine: ”DSOD”
  • Both: AHAHAHA
  • Kamiya: I don’t even know anymore.
  • Ono: I am going to try again.
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Dear Girl Stories!
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: ”The Gavel Stories.”
  • Both: AHAHAHA
  • Kamiya: Let’s go to the next one. Okay, so since I have a cat…I am going to say how I feel about them in English.
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: I love cat.
  • Ono: Well this sentence has actual passion for cats! It has to recognize it.
  • Kamiya: ”I love YA”
  • Both: *snickers*
  • Ono: What is that?
  • Kamiya: I love YA.
  • Ono: Is this how we sound to English speakers? That’s what this means right? Let me try the same thing but with dogs.
  • Kamiya: Okay.
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Okay. I love dog!
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: I LOVE.com
  • Kamiya: I love.com! Ahahahaha
  • Ono: It’s a website!
  • Both: *more laughter
  • Kamiya: Wow this is amazing. The destruction it causes.
  • Ono: This is amazing!
  • Kamiya: Okay let’s do the next one. This is something that Onokun and Director Suwa definitely needs to know when going somewhere out of the country.
  • Ono: Ah, okay, something we can use realistically. That sounds nice.
  • Kamiya: Do you sell larged size hats? “Do you sell the big hat?” This is necessary to know.
  • Ono: Yes.
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: Do you sell the big hat?
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: Okay. So you have asked this to the employee.
  • Kamiya: ”Salad Pizza Hut.”
  • Ono: It sounds like a fake Pizza Hut!
  • Kamiya: It’s like Pizza Hut has a separate salad place. Where in the world is that!?
  • Both: HAHAHA
  • Kamiya: Onokun, you need it more than I do, so you try.
  • Ono: Okay.
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Do you sell the big hat?
  • *beep beep*
  • Onol: This is perf-hahaha… “OK.”
  • Kamiya: It’s a conversation now! It’s like, “Do you guys have any?” “oh, yeah we do.” Why is it a conversation?
  • Ono: I need to try that again that was weird.
  • Kamiya: Yeah try one more time try one more time.
  • Ono: Yeah that was…
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Do you sell the big hat!?
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: What is this? ”Do you strong hug?” So I get hugged now?
  • Kamiya: What is this. Some attempt in being poetic?

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Sorry if this has been translated already, I’m procrastinating from studying… I just found this absolutely hilarious x) 
I did a mistranslation, Kaji-kun is calling Ono-san “Sweaty-armpit-senpai”
Really sorry about that m(__)m

HiroC: Is there a male seiyuu you’ve been interested in lately?
OnoD: Yadaa~ Is it okay to say that out loud?
HiroC: Just tell us!
OnoD: Eh, it’s embarrassing but okay, it’s Shimonnu! (Shimono Hiro)
HiroC: What’s so interesting about him?
OnoD: Shimonnu? His chest!

HiroC: He’s all about his chest, isn’t he?
OnoD: Indeed!  It’s still growing
HiroC: Growing? I touched his chest the other day and it was pretty hard
OnoD: It was hard? Oh, yea, he said he’s been toning it recently.
      But depending on how you work out it might backfire and become  hugely massive instead!  

HiroC: His mind and body is not connected, it’s so strange!
OnoD: And on top of that, his vocals. He can produce such sounds!
HiroC: It doesn’t match! (Shimono’s body and voice)
OnoD: It’s a slight uncomfortable feeling
HiroC: It totally is! So I touched it before and it was hard right, but his chest is getting even mightier
OnoD:  It is?
HiroC: It’s scary! What is he, really?

OnoD: So because of his chest, Kaji-kyun is…Sorry, now I’m talking  about Kaji-kyun again, but Kaji-kyun is calling him (Shimono) Chicken-senpai!
HiroC: *laughing* (Note: sorry, can’t really catch what he’s saying)
OnoD: Kaji-kyun said, “Your chest must be made out of fowl meat, Chiken-senpai!” Is it really okay to say that to a senpai…
HiroC: But Kaji-kyun’s unbelievable, he’s always mocking us senpais!
OnoD: Recently he’s really been at it!
HiroC: Yeah, he can say anything to a senpai! Didn’t he call you “Sweaty-armpit”-senpai?  
OnoD:  He said that, but it wasn’t said in a bad tone
HiroC: True..
OnoD: *imitating Kaji* “Kora kora, putting on some perfume, are we?” and I punched him again
HiroC: Kaji-kyun can say anything and he’d still be forgiven
OnoD: Yes, he will
HiroC: I want to eat him!
OnoD: I want to eat him too!
HiroC: No I want to eat him
OnoD: No I wanna eat him! (Note: they’re using watashi, the female pronoun for “I”)
Both: Fu~~n!
HiroC: Should we maybe go back to being lads again? Should we?
OnoD: *still in female-mode* Hiro-chan, are you free after this? Wanna go eat some sweets?
HiroC: Sweets? I’d rather eat Kaji-kyun!
OnoD: Let’s go eat Kaji-kyun!
HiroC: Let’s go eat him! 

I’m not fluent in Japanese (nor is English my first language) so it’s not a 100% correct translation but I’d say fairly close x) HiroC is talking so fast sometimes :O


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GROWLS (ะ`♔´ะ) 

Okay, so like I opened this first thing in the morning and went super fangirl over this and screamed “Kawaii !!!!!!” (internally since I’m at class today, don’t want to disturbed classmates or piss off letcturers here…)This is a good way to start the morning…

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levi has his own stadium now, the fangirls have gone too far

The stadium is built to keep all Levi’s fangirls and cheer for him over his awesomeness 


levi has his own stadium now, the fangirls have gone too far

The stadium is built to keep all Levi’s fangirls and cheer for him over his awesomeness 



Sigh, should I just write it up? Looked into nuances in English and Japanese and picked the words that are the most impartial

Okay, long story short, so Kamiya Hiroshi was this week’s guest for the Snk radio show (http://onsen.ag/?title=shingeki&p=1) hosted by Kaji Yuki and Shimono Hiro and at…

Oh, Kamiya Hiroshi….now I admire you even more than before once I found out that you were concerned about Petra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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